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Friday, April 23, 2010

Freebie! (At last???!!)

Yes! I've finally found the time to post this little freebie I made. The ever generous Mye of BubbleScrap Designs allows us her CT members to create freebies made from her kits to offer to our blog readers. So, now is my chance to make a little something-something for you. I've created this cluster frame using her Little Ones kit, which you can grab at her Scrapable or Scrapbook-Bytes store.

Just make a clicky on the image or on the link to download.



I've made another 2, and if you are patient, I'll post it tomorrow. LOL! So, stick around, OK? :D I hope you like this. Oh! And I love reading comments & thank yous, so I hope you also take the time to do that. :-)

'Til tomorrow, ciao!

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